The Himalayas is a mountain range in Asia that has many highest peaks including The Mount Everest. The Himalayan range runs through India and its neighboring countries. It is the perfect crown that bring out the beauty of India. As most of the Indian rivers originate from the glaciers of Himalayas, it is the provider of food to the Indian sub-continent.  

Just like the Himalayas, The Himalayan Chimney have been offering fresh and delicious Indian food to Champaign-Urbana since 2017.  It is the only Indian restaurant in CU area where you can experience fine-dining  with our exceptional north and south Indian dishes. We also organize some special days and nights frequently where our customers can enjoy Nepali and Indo-Chinese food. The Himalayan chimney also has a wide range of vegetarian food and vegan options. We have a full-fledged bar with many Indian and local options. Our service is prompt and friendly.


          The himalayan Chimney



                134  w church st

champaign il 61820

phone: 2175521834